About Us

The Kalispell Chamber of Commerce is the longest-standing and leading advocate for the Flathead Valley community and business climate. Since 1904, the Chamber has provided quality programs and services that drive the economic prosperity and sustainability of this lively community. Creating a climate of growth and success has involved efforts to improve opportunity, infrastructure, development, tourism, and education.

We serve a population of 103,800 in the Kalispell micropolitan area and a trade area of 180,100. Our 725 diverse member businesses and organizations, which all joined the chamber to promote civic, commercial, and industrial progress, employ more than half of Flathead County’s workforce.

The chamber was founded more than a century ago, and, in 1987, developed into a nonprofit tourism industry representing the City of Kalispell. In 1991, the Kalispell Chamber Foundation, a 501(c)(3), was created to promote and help execute the Chamber’s mission and goals.

By connecting the best minds, services, and opportunities, we’re creating a better environment for successful living and working in the Flathead Valley and the Kalispell Trade Area.

In March of 2022, the Board of Directors, adopted the first Public Policy Handbook and statements to guide our Government Affairs Committee and President/CEO to make timely and impactful decisions on swiftly moving initiatives and legislation. This is a living, breathing document that will be updated annually by the board as our priorities, needs and community grows.
2022 Public Policy Handbook

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