I choose to be a Kalispell Chamber Ambassador because it’s a quick and easy way stay connected in Kalispell.  The events that I assist with when being a Kalispell Chamber Ambassador, allow me to interact with a multitude of businesses in Kalispell and the Flathead Valley that I may not otherwise interact with.  I am the Sales Manager at the Hampton Inn where building connections and relationships is what drives our business, so for me it is a no-brainer why I continue to be a Kalispell Chamber Ambassador.


Being a Kalispell Chamber Ambassador gives me the opportunity to collaborate with 40 other like-minded business-driven individuals on a monthly, if not weekly basis. My fellow ambassadors are not only a sounding board for thoughts, ideas, and issues that I face, but the Ambassadors has also been an organization that I’ve been able to create friendships from. This is a group of people that not only want to give back to their community, but also grow and thrive in their business in the Flathead Valley.


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