Kalispell Chamber of Commerce,
Convention & Visitor Bureau

Coronavirus Action Plan

March 4, 2020


The Kalispell Chamber is telling our members the same advice we are following ourselves: be prudent and prepared, but don’t overreact.  We should be guided by the facts and advice from medical experts and the federal, state, and local officials who are dealing with the situation.  This largely means business as usual with some limited exceptions.

Meetings and Travel:

The Chamber will continue to hold meetings and events to support the important work of our members.  Internationally, we are not traveling to areas where travel bans are in effect, but we are continuing to conduct business in countries that are not considered a high risk.  Domestically, our work will go on as usual.  Should the government’s medical advice change globally, domestically, or locally then we will follow suit.


The Kalispell Chamber is working closely with government and non-government organizations to inform and equip businesses with the most up-to-date information.  We are also providing resources to the business community.  The U.S. Chamber Foundation has produced two practical planning documents: “Guidance for Employers to Plan and Respond to the Coronavirus” and “Coronavirus Workplace Tips for Employees.”  We urge all Northwest Montana businesses, especially those which might still lack an action plan, to download these documents from the U.S. Chamber website.

What Your Business Can Do:

Now is the time to listen to experts, to stay informed, and to take reasonable measures to prepare.  Now is not the time to panic.  Montanans should continue to monitor the situation but feel confident as they go about their daily lives, head to work, conduct meetings, or drop their children off to school.  And businesses, working together with government, should help instill confidence and calm.  That’s just what we’re going to do here at the Kalispell Chamber – and we encourage all our members to join us in that pursuit.

Together, we can make sure the impact is minimal, the recovery is swift, and that individuals, families, and employers can get back to business as usual.

Coronavirus Toolkit

[Download this action plan as a PDF]

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