Congratulations on reaching an agreement with City Airport users for the continued operation of Kalispell City Airport.

Airports are an essential public facility. Numerous Kalispell enterprises use it in their regular course of business to manage their operations around the state and region and create more jobs in Kalispell. The airport supports recreational business and flight training aviation activities that benefit the community. It provides jobs for those that work at the airport, and the products and services purchased at the airport contribute to the local economy. Furthermore, the airport plays a vital role in emergency response, law enforcement, and disaster management when needed.

We encourage City Council to move forward with the lease transaction at the earliest possible date so that the users can begin work on maintenance and improvements and fully utilize the tax increment funds that have been authorized for the City Airport.

Warm regards,

Joe Unterreiner, President and CEO
Kalispell Chamber of Commerce
Convention & Visitor Bureau
2 South Main Street, Suite 205 | Kalispell, MT 59901
(P) 406-758-2804 (C) 406-249-2046
[email protected]

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