EP. 34 – Leadership & Service with Miss Montana USA 2023, Mady Rigg

June 3, 2024
Encounter the remarkable journey of Mady Rigg, a guiding light from the Flathead Valley who carries the title of Miss Montana USA 2023 with unparalleled grace. As we chat with Mady, her story unfolds like a winding mountain trail—full of unexpected turns but leading to breathtaking vistas. From the disappointment of high school sports setbacks to overcoming financial adversity in college, Mady's path has been anything but predictable. Her transition into pageantry and advocacy work is a testament to the strength found in embracing new challenges and the transformative power of resilience.

Behind the sash and crown lies a world of dedication and intricate preparation, which Mady navigates with poise and determination. This episode peels back the curtain on the pageant life to reveal the rigorous self-organization, the quest for sponsorships, and the importance of a supportive community. Mady shares insights on the personal evolution that accompanies the pursuit of such titles, offering sage advice for anyone navigating life's valleys and peaks. Her story is a reflection of her unwavering commitment to uplift and inspire those around her.

As we discuss Mady's profound impact on her local community, it's clear that her ambitions soar much higher than the Montana skyline. Balancing her Miss Montana USA responsibilities with her role at the Glacier Institute, Mady is a beacon of leadership and service. Her involvement with key organizations and her aspirations to enter the political landscape showcase a future teeming with potential and purpose. Her gratitude for Kalispell's support is palpable, and as Mady contemplates the conclusion of her reign, her journey reminds us all of the indelible mark one person can make.

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