Ep. 36 – Flying into the Future: GPIA Growth & Expansion with Rob Ratkowski, Airport Director

July 8, 2024
Curious about the massive transformation happening at Glacier Park International Airport? Join us on Venture Boldly as we visit with Airport Director Rob Ratkowski, who provides an insider's look at the ambitious expansion project. With the airport nearly tripling in size to 210,000 square feet, you'll get a front-row seat to the exciting new amenities, including the Goat Haunt Saloon, outdoor patio spaces, and the Flathead Valley's first escalators. Learn how these enhancements, set for completion in June 2026 with phased openings, will revolutionize the passenger experience and meet the growing demand.

But it's not just about new terminals and features. Rob breaks down the broader significance of GPIA as a vital piece of public infrastructure, akin to an interstate highway. Discover the logistical and practical challenges the airport faces as it navigates substantial passenger growth and the necessity to remain open to all aeronautical users. From the intricacies of airport operations to future growth plans and communication strategies with air carriers, this episode offers a comprehensive look at what it takes to manage and expand a key transportation hub in a bustling tourist region.




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