Ep. 8 – 2023 Montana Legislative Update- Rep. Courtenay Sprunger

March 20, 2023
Featuring: Representative Courtenay Sprunger, House District 7

In this episode we’re diving deeper into specific legislation in this 68th Montana Legislative Session in our interview with Representative Courtenay Sprunger.  Representative Sprunger, who is a former chair of the Kalispell Chamber board and is also the CEO and founder of Big Sky Public Relations, has sponsored a number of bills that have gained traction this session.  From the recent passing of the SAFER Act to discussing state aid for public libraries, community safety, liquor licensing legislation, and an adoption tax credit, Representative Sprunger speaks more about the nature and genesis of these bills and their impacts and benefits to the local Flathead community and Montanans as a whole.

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