Ep 19 – Unraveling Workforce Trends in Flathead County: A Conversation with Laura Gardner from Job Service Kalispell

September 26, 2023
Are you curious to uncover the hidden dynamics of workforce trends in Flathead County, Montana? Today, we're giving you an exclusive seat at our table as we talk with Laura Gardner from JobService Kalispell. With her robust 40 years of experience with the Job Service, Laura brings forth fascinating insights into how reduced business hours, low unemployment rate, and population influx are shaping the local labor market. We dive into how seasonal employment waves and demographic shifts are influencing the workforce and offering fresh challenges and opportunities for both job seekers and employers.

In the latter half, we switch gears to study the impact of workforce demographics, with a keen focus on the strain caused by the retirement of baby boomers. Listen in as we explore why retirees are increasingly seeking flexible work schedules and how businesses can turn this trend into a win-win situation. We also shed light on the reasons why people are stepping away from the labor force, from retirement to illness, disability, education, and family care. A deep dive into these issues reveals their ripple effects on unemployment rates, wage structures, and business operations. So, tune in for a riveting conversation with Laura Gardner and broaden your perspective on the evolving workforce landscape in Kalispell.


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