On recommendation from our Government Affairs committee, we are taking a ‘no’ position on Flathead County Initiative 17-01.

The Kalispell Chamber of Commerce believes it is fundamentally unfair to spot zone a small area for an otherwise allowed and legal use, after a property owner has received their government approvals. Businesses and individuals rely on the consistent application of zoning laws to make good investment decisions, as zoning laws inform the public about the uses that a governmental jurisdiction will allow on a specific property. If a citizen seeks to prohibit a specific use there are established procedures for amending zoning laws.  The Kalispell Chamber believes it is fundamentally unfair to change zoning to prohibit a use after the necessary government approvals have been given.

Additionally, the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, the governing body for water rights permitting, has held hearings, taken testimony, and determined the water permit requested for the subject property will have no significant impact on adjacent property owners.

For the reasons stated above, the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce opposes Flathead County Initiative 17-01 and urges voters to vote ‘no’ on June 5.

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