Ep. 22 – 2023 Flathead Legacy Award Winners: Joe & Colleen Unterreiner

November 13, 2023
Ever wondered what it takes to earn the coveted Flathead Legacy Award by the Discovered Kalispell Chamber? This episode of Venture Boldly is where you'll find out! We sit down with the 2023 winners, Joe and Colleen Unterreiner, a couple whose inspiring journey from Washington DC to Montana's Flathead Valley has left an indelible mark on the business community in Kalispell. The Unterreiners open up about their experiences, the role of collaboration in their success and how they've helped shape the thriving business hub that Kalispell is today. Their story is not just about receiving an award, but a celebration of their spirit, passion and dedication to their community.

We also get into an enriching discussion on Kalispell's future - a future that the Unterreiners believe is filled with promise and potential. Hear about Joe's seamless transition from being the chamber's CEO to banking with Glacier Bank and how it has enhanced his perspective on the growth opportunities in Kalispell. And don't miss out on Colleen's reflections on her impactful role at the Flathead Valley Community College. It's an enlightening conversation that paints a vibrant picture of Kalispell's potential and the opportunities that lie ahead. So join us, and let's Venture Boldly into the future of Kalispell with Joe and Colleen Unterreiner!

Thank you to Logan Health, sponsor of the Kalispell Chamber's Flathead Legacy Award

Glacier Bank

Flathead Valley Community College

Logan Health

The Venture Boldly podcast is sponsored by Weyerhaeuser.

Photo credit to the Daily Inter Lake.

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