Ep. 23 – Behind the Airwaves: Dive into the Radio Industry with John Hendricks of KGEZ, the 2023 Small Business of the Year

November 28, 2023
Join us as we sit down with John Hendricks, the dynamic owner of KGEZ Radio, and proud winner of the 2023 Kalispell Chamber Small Business of the Year Award. We delve into his extraordinary career, gain insider wisdom on navigating the radio industry, discuss grasping the wave of technological change and reenergizing a local radio station. A conversation rich in experience and knowledge, this episode provides insights into the intertwining threads of local news, community-building, and entrepreneurship.

What happens when technology transforms an industry? John, a pioneer in satellite-delivered programming, shares advice on leveraging tech advancements while keeping the human connection alive in your business. His unique perspectives shed light on the power of local government, the importance of politicians deeply connected with their communities, and the essential role of local news. All while reminding us to navigate the waves of change rather than being swept away.

We also explore the growth journey of Kalispell, the hometown John loves and serves. He elaborates on the responsibilities and opportunities that come with growth, especially for local businesses.  Drawing from a wealth of experience and dedication, John's story is an inspiring testament to community spirit and resilience. Tune in and get inspired.

KGEZ Radio

John Hendricks

First Interstate Bank - Small Business of the Year Award Sponsor

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