Ep 27 – Venturing Boldly in 2024

February 6, 2024
Join us as Lorraine Clarno, President and CEO of the Discover Kalispell Chamber, shares an exciting look into the Chamber's 2024 initiatives. From the strategic relocation to Main Street to a strong emphasis on a vibrant downtown and a focus on education, this episode is your personal roadmap to understanding the growth and vitality being cultivated in our town.

We tackle the complexities of expansion with a keen eye on the infrastructure needs, property values, and the delicate dance of honoring heritage while welcoming new energy. Lorraine provides a nuanced perspective on the proposed levy that could be the linchpin for our emergency services, detailing how these investments are not just about maintaining safety but also about the prosperity of Kalispell Valley. If you're concerned about how the community's rapid development is impacting local services, you'll find this discussion both enlightening and essential.

Finally, step into the heart of community engagement with us as we explore the Chamber's educational advocacy and the power of transparent communication in dispelling public misconceptions. We celebrate the Chamber's 120th anniversary, a testament to its enduring commitment, and wrap up with touching on the Chamber's other key programs.

The Venture Boldly podcast is sponsored by Weyerhaeuser.

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