Ep. 28 – Steady as She Grows: Analyzing the Flathead Valley Economy & Housing Market with James Williamson of Sage Appraisal and Strategy

February 27, 2024
Dive into the hidden dynamics of the Flathead Valley's economy and housing market as we team up with James Williamson from Sage Appraisal and Strategy. With James's expert analysis fresh from a presentation at the University of Montana's local BBER presentation, we dissect the local economic trends that show a slight deceleration yet maintain an upward momentum. We discuss local population growth, revealing its impact on the economic pulse of Kalispell and the Flathead. We also shine a light on the synergy between housing development and the cost of living in our valley, using the Park Line Trail initiative as a case study in public-private collaboration.  James touches on how infrastructure decisions by the public sector influence developers' choices, leading to a new landscape where multi-family and commercial properties gain ground. Simultaneously, we confront the shifting sands of affordability, delving into the escalating divide between homeownership and rental costs, and untangle the threads of everyday living expenses that weave the tapestry of our community's economic fabric. Links

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