Ep. 16 – Rising Star of Leadership: Adam Cebulla on Millennial Challenges, Team Dynamics, and Crafting a Five-Star Customer Experience

July 24, 2023
Meet Adam Cebulla, Discover Kalispell Chamber's Rising Star of 2022, as he takes us on a journey through his personal and professional leadership experiences from his days as an Eagle Scout to his role in leading a championship-level track team in college. Tune in and learn how his approach to leadership is deeply rooted in understanding team dynamics and leveraging individuals' motivations for collective success. His unique mantra of 'be great today' echoes throughout his narratives, demonstrating his dedication to the drive for continual improvement.

In a generation shaped by events like Y2K, 9/11, and the Great Recession, Adam  discusses the strengths of, and challenges faced by, millennials. Engage with his thought-provoking conversation about our "microwave society," where instant gratification often overshadows the beauty of the journey. Hear Adam's take on how he navigated through the challenges of burnout and successfully built a career in sales fueled by strong relationships and a keen sense of understanding customer needs.

Finally, get a glimpse of Adam's customer-centric approach to sales, where curiosity leads the way and providing a five-star customer experience is the ultimate goal. He shares how understanding the customer's pain points and relating them to the solutions offered has shaped his success in sales. As he strives for excellence in every aspect of his life, Adam encourages us all to do the same. Come learn, get inspired, and perhaps even adopt a mantra of your own to 'be great today." The Discover Kalispell Chamber's Venture Boldly Podcast is sponsored by: Nomad GCS. Follow the Discover Kalispell Chamber on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube @kalispellchamber, and on twitter @KalispellChambr. © Kalispell Chamber of Commerce. All Rights Reserved. 406.758.2800 | [email protected]

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