Ep. 29 – Big Sky Business with Todd O’Hair

March 11, 2024
Join us as we visit with Todd O'Hair, the President and CEO of the Montana Chamber of Commerce,  in this week's Venture Boldly episode where we dissect the multitude of strategies fueling Montana's economic engine. Todd brings a wealth of experience from his roots on a family ranch to the halls of government affairs, offering a unique vantage point on the challenges and triumphs of advocating for a thriving business community in Big Sky Country. Our discussion spans the state's urban-rural divide and the Chamber's pivotal role in shaping a robust economic landscape through the Envision 2026 plan.

Tune in to hear how the Montana Chamber is steering the ship through turbulent waters of workforce development and the housing crisis—critical issues that are shaping the state's economic future. Todd delves into the innovative solutions being crafted to combat these challenges, including Governor Gianforte's 2023 housing task force initiatives to transform legislation and zoning laws. We also spotlight the work of the Kalispell Chamber in expanding childcare services and discuss how their success stories could be a beacon for similar progress statewide, thereby bolstering support for Montana's working families.

We'll also touch on how Montana is positioning itself on the map with strategic growth sectors like the semiconductor industry, thanks to a possible $50 million planning grant from the Chips and Science Act.  Additionally, we'll discuss the vital role businesses play in nurturing civility and fostering bipartisan relationships, especially in an election year, emphasizing how moderated political discourse is key to community prosperity and sustained economic success.

Montana Chamber of Commerce

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