Ep. 30 – Mastering the Move to Montana

April 9, 2024
Ever wondered how a leap of faith from legal practice to launching a tech business feels? Bill Moseley, CEO of GL Solutions, shares how he pivoted from the world of law and government to the tech frontier, crafting software that transforms regulatory operations. Bill recounts GL Solutions' move from Bend, Oregon to Kalispell, with first-hand insight into the trials and triumphs of transplanting a thriving business and nurturing its growth in its new Flathead Valley home.

Navigating the complex terrain of government contracting and management is no mean feat, yet it's one that Bill and his team at GL Solutions tackle with precision and innovation. This episode peels back the layers of technology adoption in public agencies, revealing how they champion change despite sometimes challenging bureaucratic constraints. Discover the fine balance between guiding government entities towards modernization and addressing the evolving needs of the communities they serve.

We wrap up our interview with reflections that transcend the CEO title. Bill opens up about the essence of mentorship, the power of community involvement, and the grounding influence of Montana's great outdoors on his leadership philosophy.

Links GL Solutions: Regulatory Software Solutions | Licensing and Permitting Software (glsolutions.com) GL Solutions- GL Suite Software & Services | LinkedIn Oregon tech company relocating to Kalispell | Daily Inter Lake Bill Moseley | LinkedIn

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